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Leganto Reading Lists for Students

Installing and Using the Cite It! Bookmarklet

The Cite It! bookmarklet enables you to collect resources such as websites, videos, journal articles, etc. and import the links into your Leganto 'My Collection' section. Follow the 3 steps below to install the bookmarklet.

Step 1 - To install the bookmarklet, click on your name on the top right of the screen and select Cite It!

Cite It bookmarklet

Step 2 - In the new window, drag and drop the blue CITE IT! button in to your browser toolbar;

Leganto reading list installing cite it button

Step 3 - While logged in to Leganto in another window, find a relevant item on your chosen website and click on the Cite it! button in your browser toolbar;

Leganto reading list cite it button

Step 4 - An Add this to my collection popup appears containing the details of the item;

Cite It collection

Step 5 - Select the appropriate Type for your item from the drop-down menu, check the details are correct, then click the ADD & CLOSE button;


N.B. If you are not logged in to Leganto when you click the Cite It! bookmarklet, a new tab will open to prompt you to log in to Leganto. Once logged in you will have to go back to your original tab and click the Cite It! bookmarklet again. 

Cite It! Video

This video was created for course convenors and shows you how to add the Cite It! bookmarklet to your browser bar. You won't be able to add resources to a reading list, only to your personal collection. From your collection, you can suggest a resource to a particular reading list, however, it will need to be approved by the convenor before it is officially added to the list.