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LinkedIn Learning (formerly

What happened to

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The Macquarie University has now been migrated to LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning contains the same content as but it will allow a more personalised learning experience. 

You no longer have access to but all your learning activity and history has been transferred to the new platform. If you used through Macquarie University you will have received an email indicating how to activate your LinkedIn Learning account in order to access your history and continue learning. If you have not used before you are able to create a new LinkedIn Learning account.

See the other boxes on this page for more information, or contact us at the Library. 

Logging in for the first time users 

For students and staff who had an account on your learning activity and history from will be transferred to LinkedIn Learning when you log in for the first time.

If you have previously used you should have received an email to your University email account which contained a link to activate your LinkedIn Learning account.

Activate account screenshot

You can choose whether you wish to connect your personal LinkedIn account or not at this stage.

If you cannot see an email, don't worry - you can log in like a new user (see below) and your previous history will still be migrated across.

New users

If you have not used before you can easily create a LinkedIn Learning account following these steps (please note this works best in Chrome and Mozilla browsers):

1. Navigate to

2. Enter your MQ email address when prompted and click 'Continue'

linked in learning sign in with email screenshot

3. Click the 'Sign in with Single Sign-On button when this screen appears

linked in learning single sign on screenshot

4. You will be redirected to the Macquarie University Single Sign On page. Enter your MQ OneID and password and click 'Sign In'

5. Follow the prompts to set up and access your LinkedIn Learning account.

Get support

How to Use LIL course screenshot

Click the image to access a helpful course on How to Use LinkedIn Learning.

Feel free to contact us at the Library if you have questions about accessing or using your LinkedIn Learning account. You can also access further help direct from LinkedIn with the following link:

Update your links

chain link fence photo

Although your learning history and progress has been migrated to the new LinkedIn Learning platform with your user account, any direct links you have shared or bookmarked have now changed with the migration. Old links will redirect to LinkedIn Learning courses for a limited time, but then will no longer work. Make sure to update any links to videos or courses now that the LinkedIn Learning platform is live!

Connecting your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn Learning allows you to connect your LinkedIn profile with your Learning account.


If your LinkedIn profile is connected to your Learning account, each time you log in to LinkedIn Learning the platform will check to ensure you have a valid LinkedIn session open. Sign in to LinkedIn Learning with your MQ OneID, as usual. If you are using a device where you are already logged in to LinkedIn, you will be taken straight to your Learning account. If you are not currently logged in to LinkedIn, you will be prompted to enter your personal LinkedIn login details also.

If you would like to connect your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Learning account, follow the instructions in this guide.

Please make sure you review LinkedIn's Terms and Privacy Policy before you link your LinkedIn profile with your LinkedIn Learning account.

What's new?

Although the platform and name have changed, the migration from to LinkedIn Learning will still provide you with the learning experience you are familiar with.

LinkedIn Learning keeps the most quintessential aspects of, with new features exclusive to LinkedIn Learning.

What remains the same?

  • Content

The LinkedIn Learning library includes more than 5,000 courses from, with new courses added every week.

  • Data and Progress

Learner data including playlists, account settings and histories are automatically migrated so that learning is not disrupted.

  • Course video page

All the features and functionalities remain the same - including transcripts, exercise files, mobile viewing, bookmarking and practice environments.

What has changed?

  • Home page design

LinkedIn Learning has a refreshed, great new interface which is more intuitive to help learners find relevant content and achieve more.

  • Shareable multimedia collections and social curation

Playlists are now known as collections. You can add videos, courses, and custom content of any media format to collections, and view in any order. You can use course "likes" to surface the most relevant or trending content recommendations.

  • Personalised course recommendations

Take data and insights from the LinkedIn network of 546M+ professionals and suggest the most relevant courses or videos based on skills important to a given job function or role. You can add these courses to learning paths or recommend them directly to other learners.