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Mendeley Desktop update

From 1 September 2022, users will no longer be able to download and install Mendeley Desktop software. Existing users of Mendeley Desktop will continue to be able to sign into, use and sync their Mendeley Desktop for now, however the process of stopping all sign-ins to Mendeley Desktop is underway by the vendor (Elsevier).

More information: Mendeley Support Centre

What is Mendeley?

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Mendeley is a research management tool that combines a desktop application with further online capabilities. It is a reference manager plus citation tool with online academic social network capabilities. It can help researchers organise their research literature and add citations when writing, as well as collaborate online with other scholars in their discipline through groups.

Macquarie University Library has an institutional license for Mendeley which provides access to more features than the 'free' version. It is recommended that you first set up an account using your MQ email via the link below:

Once you have an account you can download the Mendeley Desktop or new Mendeley Reference Manager software using the links below.

New users: If you are a new user we recommend downloading the new Reference Manager using the link below, as Mendeley Desktop will eventually no longer be supported.

However, either of these programs will give you access to the the full functionality of your Mendeley library as well as integration with Microsoft Word. Mendeley Reference Manager is the most recent update but Mendeley Desktop continues to be available for now, and if you are a current user you only need to upgrade if you choose to (see this box for more information).

This guide is in the process of being updated to reflect any changes to the interface or functionality of the new Mendeley Reference Manager.


Mendeley Institutional Edition infographic

Macquarie University Library offers enhanced Mendeley access for all Macquarie University users with Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE) as part of Mendeley Web.

If you join Mendeley with your MQ email address, using the link above, you will be automatically added to the Macquarie University group. Then you'll get 100 GB of personal space in Mendeley Web (vs 2 GB with the free, unaffiliated version) and 100 GB of shared space (vs 100 MB with a free account). You'll also be able to create an unlimited number of private, shared groups with up to 100 members.You should receive an email letting you know you have been added.

Visit the Macquarie University Mendeley group at:

Known issues

There is currently a known issue for concurrent users of Mendeley Reference Manager and Office 365 through the University, where trying to install the Cite add-in results in the following error message:

error screenshot "Sorry Microsoft 365 has been configured to prevent individual acquisitions of Office add-ins"

There is currently no workaround, but it is being investigated.

If you are experiencing this issue our recommendation is to use the Mendeley Desktop program until a solution is found, as this cite function continues to work with Office 365.

NEW - Mendeley Reference Manager

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What is Mendeley Reference Manager?

Mendeley Reference Manager is the new version of Elsevier's reference manager that replaced Mendeley Web Library on the 7th of September 2020. Mendeley Desktop will continue to be available. The new Mendeley Reference Manager is constantly improving with regular updates.

For more information on the changes please see:

You can choose to continue to use Mendeley Desktop in conjuction with the new Reference Manager, or upgrade by downloading the software here: 

Current users: Your existing Mendeley Desktop library will sync seamlessly with the new Mendeley Reference Manager as long as you log-in with the same details and follow the instructions that pop up.

New users: If you are a new user we recommend downloading the new Reference Manager using the above link, as Mendeley Desktop will eventually no longer be supported.


This guide is in the process of being updated to reflect any changes to the interface or functionality of the new Mendeley Reference Manager.


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