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Media, Music, Dance & Performance, Cultural Studies

Living Culture

Search terms 

Here are examples of search terms you might consider using. Of course, there are dozens more and the librarian on the Information Desk inside the Library entrance can offer guidance on searching if you are stuck. 

Specific terms Humanism; Gender; Sexuality; Race; Ethics; Technoculture; Social Justice; Gender studies; Self; 
Useful General terms Discourse; Analysis; History and Criticism; Debate; Interpretation; Poststructuralism; Cultural studies


Consider using a specific term coupled with a useful general term. For instance:

Humanism AND "history and criticism"

Note that using the AND in capitals links the concepts, providing a more refined search. 

Using inverted comma's around a phrase also assists with refinement.


 Call numbers 
Cultural studies HM623
Conversation and culture LC15






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