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Media, Music, Dance & Performance, Cultural Studies


MultiSearch searches across all the material which the library has access to: DVDs, articles, books, maps, newspaper stories, conference proceedings, theses, and more.

Here is a selection of terms to consider for your searches, but of course there are many more.

Search terms;

Broadcasting in Australia Radio broadcasting, social aspects; Radio in propaganda; Broadcast journalism; Webcasting; Internet radio broadcasting; Communication; Radio programmes, Australia; Radio broadcasting policy; Radio, law and legislation Australia; Radio broadcasting, technological innovations; Parliament -- Radio broadcasting of proceedings;
Production skills Radio plays, production and direction; Radio stations, equipment and supplies; Sound, recording and reproducing; Digital broadcasting; Radio theory
Useful general terms Mass media; media; communication; history and criticism; discourse; analysis; creative process


For example, searches could couple a specific term with one of the useful general terms.  

"internet radio broadcasting" AND Australia

"radio journalism" AND analysis

Note that the AND in capitals will link the concepts for more refined results. Using the inverted comma's around a phrase will give you more precise results. 

We recommend browsing the shelf in the general area of your subject interest.

A good browse can throw up lots of ideas, as well as lead you into new areas of relevance.

Authorship PE1471
Radio broadcasting, radio programs, radio production PN1991



Podcasting books are currently all online in our collection. Search for them using the terms below, which will also give you other results, like journal articles. 

If you only want to see books, after the search choose 'resource type' from the left hand panel, then books.

Key search terms to use in Multisearch:

 Podcasting; podcasts; webcasting; internet radio broadcasting; digital broadcasting

Combined with:

Usage; forecasts and trends; methods; instructional materials

Library books

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers professional training videos across a broad range of industries, and skill sets. The links below relate to radio and broadcasting.

Useful databases