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Finding unit readings

3 steps to locate MHIS3025 Unit Readings on MultiSearch:


Tour of a MultiSearch record


Searching for more resources on a topic using MultiSearch

MultiSearch is the Library's search engine providing one search interface across multiple databases.

Search Tips:

  1. MyLibrary - Sign into your library account to get all available resources, save a query, save items to MyFavourites ...
  2. KEYWORDS search (not sentence) - Break down your topic into different concepts or keywords so the database can understand what you are looking for.
  3. Too many hits? - Combine keywords with AND (in capital letters) and use quotation marks for phrase term e.g. "soviet union" AND history.  Use the filter functions to refine the results, e.g. by Availability, Resource type, Subject, Date, etc.
  4. Too few records? - Use broader terms or related terms, truncation (e.g. politic*) or wildcard (e.g. civili*ation) to find variations of words or plural form and combine them with OR, e.g. russiaOR "soviet union"
  5. Found a useful reference? - Go to the item full record and click on the subject headings to identify related items in the same subject area, e.g. Russia--Social conditions--1801-1917



More research techniques


Saving a search query - 

From your search results you can save a search by clicking on the Save Query button at the top of your results list . You need to be signed in to save a query. You will see a message to let you know that the search query was saved to your favourites.

Saved records -

To save individual records from your search results click on the Pin to MyFavourites icon  on the record you want to save.

Evaluating search results

  • View search results in different publication types
  • Click on Peer-reviewed journals
  • Study the abstract & descriptors for the selected records & decide if they are relevant to your topic
- Subject Terms describe the subject matter of this article
- Abstract provides a short summary of the article

Modifying results (if results are not satisfactory)

  • Use lateral search
- Pick a relevant record
- Identify useful subject terms
- Perform a new search statement using these subject terms
  • Or use alternative terms to perform a new search statement

Workshops & Skills Training

MQ offers free learning skills and writing workshops. These workshops cover essentials, such as time management, effective note taking, assignment writing, accurate referencing, and academic language.

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