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These pages have a range of resources compiled - and some specially created - for Psychology Honours students to assist with developing searching and research skills. 

Research Guides: Psychology

Library Training Resources 2022


Our Systematic Review LibGuide has much more comprehensive information, but these articles are recommended reading for you to gain a good understanding:


PRISMA Guidelines – Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria and Processing Results 

See also Prisma Guidelines on our Systematic Review Libguide

  • Inclusion and Exclusion criteria (specific parameters of the topic)

Meline, T. (2006). Selecting studies for systemic review: inclusion and exclusion criteria. Contemporary issues in communication science and disorders, 33(Spring), 21-27. 

  • Screening the results

Polanin, J. R., Pigott, T. D., Espelage, D. L., & Grotpeter, J. K. (2019). Best practice guidelines for abstract screening large‐evidence systematic reviews and meta‐analyses. Research Synthesis Methods, 10(3), 330-342

  • Using EndNote to assist screening process

  • PRISMA diagram

  • Documenting Your Search

Writing Your Review

When writing up your systematic review keep in mind the specific guidelines for structuring your review. Systematic review standards are elements that should be reported in any published systematic review. Also there may be other 'Instructions to Authors' provided by the journals or organisations in which you plan to publish.

The PRISMA statement can be followed to ensure reliable coverage of the systematic review methods, results and conclusions. The PRISMA Elaboration and Explanation (E&E) document that accompanies the PRISMA statement provides instructions for each of the items on the checklist.

Video: Searching PsycINFO on Ovid at MQ Uni (10:03)

Video: CINAHL Part 1: Search our topic "CBT for Anxiety in Children"  (10:26) in the database CINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature). This database is provided by EBSCO, but we have it on a special platform to allow subject heading searches.

Video: CINAHL Part 2: Refine search, Assess results and Export to EndNote (4:25)


Database Videos (produced by the vendor OVID - relevant for PsycInfo, Medline and Embase)

The following are a selection of training videos most likely to be most useful for you (though some of these are very detailed):


Saving the search history in OVID (from the University of Otago, Wellington)

It is advisable to save your search history in Medline (or PsycInfo) once you have finalised your search strategy. This will save you having to enter it again each time.


Evaluating Sources/CRAAP Test



Evaluating resources - Links to StudyWise via iLearn

Referencing / APA Style


Referencing Software


Vendors' Material

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