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MultiSearch Possible Search Terms

Using a variety of search terms will greatly enhance your research. Try combining some of these terms in MultiSearch with AND, e.g. "ethical eating" AND "fast food industry".

These are only a few suggestions. Keep a note of any additional terms you come across and try searching with them in MultiSearch; 

"food system" "culinary modernism" "food security"
"food scarcity" food "fast food industry"
"everyday life" ritual self
"ethical eating" inequality "cultural heritage"
migration media "popular culture"
identity "food production" eating
consumer "ecological sustainability" indigenous

Top tip: use quotation marks to search for phrases - this will keep the words together when searching!

Browsing for Books

Browsing the Library shelves can be a very effective way of finding relevant resources. Try browsing around the call numbers below to find interesting titles to extend your research.

Call Number Subject Area
BJ2021-2078 Social usages. Etiquette of entertaining
GT1-7070 Manners and customs (including private life, eating and drinking, personal beauty, fashion)
HC10-1085 Economic history and conditions (including consumer demand)
HD28-9999 Industries. Land use. Labour
HF1-6182 Commerce (including retail trade, shopping centers, secondhand trade, black market)
HM1-1281 Sociology
HN1-995 Social history and conditions. Social problems. Social reform
HT51-1595 Communities. Classes. Races
TX1-1110 Home economics (including nutrition, foods and food supply, cooking)

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