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Writing Reports & Reviews

Studying and working in the area of Sociology means you will probably be asked to write a report, or a literature review, or both. 

Generally speaking, a report presents factual information, recommendations or conclusions, and uses structured headings so the reader can find information quickly without having to read the whole report. Reports are often written for time-poor audiences and use clear, precise language. 

A literature review may be a summary, an interpretation or an evaluation of sources you have used in your research, and may include research findings in a particular area of study. It may be a single piece of writing, or part of a larger case study or research project. 


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Learning Skills

Teaching has gone online and so has academic writing and study support.

You can still discuss your assignment with someone, get feedback on a written draft, or find out more about different types of assignments and how to write them. There's a range of ONLINE options available to ALL MQ students. Click on the link below to learn more.

Academic Language and Learning Workshops

All students are invited to attend the free workshops presented by the Learning Skills team. These workshops require no registration and are suitable for both postgraduates or undergraduates who would like to develop specific academic skills.