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Public Health

About this Guide

This guide is designed to help you make the most of the Library's resources for your assignments and research.

The Think, Find, Write, Cite tab on the left will walk you through the research and writing process from beginning to end and point you to lots of helpful resources.

The topic tabs on the left have information on broader Public Health themes. They will help you find resources in areas such as the Foundations of Public Health, Global Health, Health Policy and Economics, and Environmental health.


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StudyWISE is designed to help you with academic writing and strengthening your study skills. It is available through iLearn and, once you're enrolled, it is permanently available in your iLearn under Student Support. 

Have a look under the heading Assignments types and examples for tips on writing reports and example assignments. Reading examples of assignments can be a great way of understanding how to structure and model your own writing.

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Key Resource

Global Health via Ovid logi

Global Health via Ovid is a bibliographic and full-text database of public health research and practice with specialty on community health and disease prevention, epidemiology, infectious diseases, nutrition & dietetics, parasitology, and infectious diseases.