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Newspapers & Grey Literature

Major Australian newspapers

Searching for Australian newspapers

Looking for a specific Australian newspaper?

Start with MultiSearch. Type the title of your newspaper into the search box and hit 'search'. To refine your results, select 'Journals' under the Header 'Resource Type'. MultiSearch will then narrow the results to newspapers.

To clarify your results:

  • Click on the Details tab to see the place of publication.

  • For physical copies, click on Hold/ARC request to see which years we hold at MQ.

  • For online copies, click on the View Online link to see which years MQ holds. 

Historical news sources

Alternative news sources

Current news by subject

Use the Newspaper databases in MultiSearch to search for news on a topic (see link below).

Australia and New Zealand Newsstream is recommended for Australian news (see link below).

When searching newspaper databases use the advanced search options to improve your search results.

Looking for news on a particular person or organisation? Use the drop-down menu to search 'person' or 'company/organisation'.

Advanced search drop down menu options

Use the publication date filter to look for stories in a particular date range.

Publication date filter screenshot


News on Twitter

When finding news sources on Twitter, look for the Twitter verified symbol   which means Twitter has confirmed the account belongs to the person or organisation it claims to represent.

Here are some key Australian news organisations on Twitter: