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Leganto Reading Lists for Students

Adding Citations from MultiSearch

The MultiSearch user interface now gives you the option to add resources to your personal Leganto collection (My Collection), directly from the MultiSearch results screen.

N.B. You DO NOT need to be logged in to Leganto to use this function, however, you DO need to be logged in to MultiSearch.


Step 1 - Sign in to MultiSearch with your OneID by clicking on the tab in the top-right corner of the Advanced Search screen;

Signing to MultiSearch with your OneID


Step 2 - Search for the Library resource you require, and then click on the ellipsis in the top right-hand corner of the record;

Choosing a resource from Multisearch to save in leganto


Step 3 - Click on the Unit Readings - Leganto icon;

Click on unit readings leganto


Step 4 - Click on the Add to Unit Readings - Leganto link to export the title to your personal collection in Leganto;

Finalising chosen reading


Step 5 - In Leganto, the citation will appear in your My Collection.

Imported reading now visible in Leganto my collection