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Leganto Reading Lists for Students

What is 'My Collection'

'My Collection' is your own personal Leganto library. You can use this space to save interesting resources that you would like to access later. These resources can be anything from a book, a journal article, a YouTube video, a webpage, etc.

My collection

You can add items from MultiSearch using the + button or you can add web resources using the Cite It! bookmarklet (see instructions on the following pages). 

Organising Resources in Your Collection

To keep track of the resources in your personal collection, you can add tags that make sense to you, and then filter by them. 

Step 1 - Click on the individual record title, and then click on the Add tags to collection link below the title;

Add tags to collection link

Step 2 - A new tag is started every time you enter a comma or space, so if your tag consists of 2 words, make sure you include an underscore to connect them. If you have already added tags to items in your collection, the list of previously added tags appears in a drop-down when you click in the tags field;

Adding tags

Step 3 - When you have finished assigning tags to the resource, click on SAVE. You can then filter by those tags using the funnel icon at the top of the list of resources;

Leganto reading list filtering by tags