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LinkedIn Learning

Helpful features for staff

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LinkedIn Learning allows staff to undertake professional development at their own pace and skill level, or supplement their teaching practices through playlists and exercises that can be assigned to students.

The possibilities include:

  • Help your students improve essential software skills, like Excel
  • Provide a playlist to students on presentation skills ahead of a class presentation
  • Use the videos to help you redesign a unit with a Flipped Classroom approach
  • Develop your own leadership or project management skills

 There are several features on LinkedIn Learning that can particularly benefit staff including:

  • Collections to keep your courses organised, customize your learning, and share easily with colleagues or assign to students
  • Exercise files which can be set as assessments and/or practice tasks for students
  • Certificates which students can submit to prove their completion of a course

LinkedIn Learning for higher ed

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Visit LinkedIn Learning's higher education page to access a range of resources that highlight uses of LinkedIn Learning for students and staff in a university context.