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What are Publish and Read Agreements?

MQ Library is participating in multiple Publish & Read agreements with major publishers to support researchers publishing with open access. These agreements have been made possible by MQ Library's membership of CAUL (Council of Australian University Librarians). 

  • Not all journals are included: Not all journals from the publishers are eligible under these agreements. Check title lists carefully
  • Affiliation = Eligibility: You must be the corresponding author and use your MQ email address and affiliation

  • Some charges may still apply: Some publishers may still invoice you for page charges or colour charges, even if the article publishing charge is waived as part of the agreement. Check the journal website carefully for information about additional costs to publish

  • Publisher Caps: Some publishers have set a limit or "cap" on the number of articles that can be published to open access with no APCs. The caps apply to all participating universities in Australia as a group

  • Acceptance date must be within terms of agreement:To be eligible, your article must have an acceptance date within the term of the agreement. However, please note that for some journals eligibility is based on submission date

  • Copyright: Articles will be made available under a Creative Commons CC-BY License (or a variant thereof)

  • The Library recommends you publish articles under CC-BY license
  • Please note if you choose the CC-BY-NC-ND license, under the terms and conditions for some publishers, you are giving the publisher permission to assign the CC-BY-NC-ND license thus giving the Publisher exclusive right to commercial use of the article. Any future commercial use, even by the author, will require the permission of the Publisher.

Publish and Read (PAR) Agreements, also known as Read and Publish Agreements or Transformative Agreements, are arrangements between scholarly publishers and their users (authors, readers and institutional libraries). They are designed to transition scholarly publishing from the traditional subscription-based pay-to-read model to an Open Access publishing model..

By entering into these agreements libraries can divert funds from subscription-based read only agreements into open access publishing while institutional authors benefit by having the opportunity to publish Open Access without incurring Article Processing Charges (APC).

Transformative agreements normally allow authors to retain copyright of their articles under a Creative Commons license with CC-BY the most commonly applied license.

You don’t need to change your publishing practices. Submit where you would normally submit your research and you’ll be notified on acceptance if you are eligible to publish your article open access with no transactional APCs. For more information on strategic publishing please click here