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What Are Publish & Read Agreements?

Publish and Read (PAR) Agreements, also known as Read and Publish Agreements or Transformative Agreements, are arrangements between scholarly publishers and their users (authors, readers and institutional libraries). They are designed to transform the business model of scholarly publishing by enabling publishers to transition from the traditional subscription-based pay-to-read model to an Open Access publishing model.

They accomplish this by bundling payment for publishing and reading into a single fee paid by the library or institution. By entering into these agreements libraries can divert funds from subscription-based read only agreements into open access publishing while institutional authors benefit by having the opportunity to publish Open Access without incurring Article Processing Charges (APC).

Transformative agreements normally allow authors to retain copyright of their articles under a Creative Commons license with CC-BY the most commonly applied license.

You don’t need to change your publishing practices. Submit where you would normally submit your research and you’ll be notified on acceptance if you are eligible to publish your article open access with no transactional APCs. For more information on strategic publishing please click here

Biochemical Society / Portland Press Electronic Journals

  • Open Access publishing in all journals by corresponding authors in CAUL and CONZUL member institutions. Unlimited access to paywalled subscription content in the 5 hybrid journals; access for reading and text and data mining.
  • CC-BY licence terms
  • Negates the standard Article Processing Charge (APC) 
  • The author will be notified of the Publish and Read agreement during the peer review process and supplied with an un-embargoed PDF of the version of record for institutional repositories

Cambridge University Press

  • Unlimited publishing in 44 Cambridge Gold Open Access and more than 330 hybrid journal titles
  • CC-BY, CC-BY-NC, or CC-BY-NC-ND licenses terms
  • Negates the standard Article Processing Charge (APC)
  • Macquarie authors must provide details of their Macquarie affiliation when submitting their article
  • Access to Cambridge University Press journals content

Company of Biologists

  • Uncapped fee-free Open Access publishing of research articles for corresponding authors, with authors retaining copyright
  • PDF proof of article submitted will be sent to the author for review before publication 
  • CC-BY license terms
  • Negates the standard Article Processing Charge (APC) for these journals.
  • Allows researchers to read and publish articles in peer-reviewed subscription journals including Development [ISSN 1477-9129], Journal of Cell Science [ISSN 1477-91], and Journal of Experimental Biology [ISSN 0022-0949]
  • All articles published via PAR will automatically be deposited in PubMed Central

CSIRO Publishing Journals

  • Unlimited Open Access publishing for Macquarie authors and Macquarie corresponding authors in CSIRO journals listed in next tab
  • Read access is available to all 22 CSIRO journals 
  • Animal Production Science
  • Australian Journal of Botany
  • Australian Journal of Chemistry
  • Australian Journal of Primary Health
  • Australian Journal of Zoology
  • Australian Systematic Botany
  • Crop and Pasture Science
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Functional Plant Biology
  • Historical Records of Australian Science
  • Invertebrate Systematics
  • Marine and Freshwater Research
  • Pacific Conservation Biology
  • Reproduction, Fertility, and Development
  • Sexual Health
  • Soil Research
  • Wildlife Research

Elsevier 2022 12.5% discount on APCs for selected hybrid journals

  • For 2022, Elsevier are providing a 12.5% discount on Article Processing Charges, paid by Macquarie University corresponding authors 

  • Please see the attached list for eligible hybrid titles.

  • Please note, this is not a Read & Publish Agreement, simply a discount on APC fees, applied to APC invoices

Geological Society of London

  • Unlimited publishing in hybrid journals and 3 book series currently being published
  • CC-BY licence Terms
  • Macquarie Authors are identified by their institutional email address
  • Negates the standard Article Processing Charge (APC) for the Geological Society 
  • Read access to selected journals and book series, including all current and archived journals plus key book series and historic collections. Perpetual access to subscribed years is provided.

Karger Journals

  • Unlimited publishing to any Karger journal
  •  CC-BY-NC license terms
  • Negates the standard Article Processing Charge (APC) 
  • Access to all 70 subscription journals and 36 OA journals published by Karger. Perpetual access to back files (archive volumes)
  • Access to Enago Learn  an online training platform for academics wanting to publish per institution enabling access to unlimited users. Registration is required to access Enago Learn.

Microbiology Society

  • Unlimited Open Access Publishing: any article published in Society journals where the corresponding author is from Macquarie will be OA by default.
  • Negates the standard Article Processing Charge (APC) for these journals.
  • Unlimited usage: any user associated with a Publish and Read institution can access the entire archive of Society content, back to 1947, for reading and for text and data mining.

The Royal Society (London)

  • Access to all Royal Society Journals (including Post Termination Access)
  • Unlimited publishing
  • CC-BY license terms
  • Negates the standard Article Processing Charge (APC) for these journals.

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC): APC Discount For Hybrid Journals Only

  • Macquarie authors are entitled to a 15% discount on APC's for RSC hybrid journals only.
  • CC-BY or CC-BY-NC license terms
  • The RSC APC offer is all inclusive, making the article permanently and freely available, payment at acceptance, and no additional charges for colour or additional pages.

Springer Nature

Please note: The Springer Nature Open Access (OA) Article Processing Charges (APCs) article cap has now been reached. 

This means that for the remaining months of 2022, articles will not be able to be published OA in Springer Nature journals without having to pay the APCs. 

We are not sure how Springer Nature will inform you that the quota has been reached. Please be aware that you might receive a message from Springer Nature that you have to cover the costs for publishing Open Access APCs. In this case, please consider the options to publish Open Access below : 

Publishing OA using Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) after an embargo period and without an open license 

  • Publish your article in 2022 behind a paywall and make it open after the publisher’s embargo period expires. This is achieved by: 

Publishing OA upon publication and under a CC license  

  • Springer have advised authors may request from the journal editor that a paper’s acceptance is delayed until 2023 when APC free publishing will be available again. 
  • Pay the Article Processing Charges (APCs) if acceptance date is 2022 and OA publishing is preferred.


If you have questions, please contact the Library’s Research and Scholarly Information Services Team and they can check the publisher policies and make the AAM available open access when allowed by the relevant publisher policies. 

  • Macquarie authors can publish open access in 1,976 Springer titles, example of high impact titles listed on additional tab.
  • This includes most titles across Springer Nature imprints including Springer, Palgrave, ADIS, and Academic Journals on
  • Negates the standard Article Processing Charge (APC) for these journals.
  • The number of articles for Open Access publishing under this agreement is subject to an annual cap.
  • Nature-branded journals are not included.
  • Acta Neuropathologica
  • Basic Research in Cardiology
  • Cell Death & Differentiation
  • Cell Research 
  • Cellular & Molecular Immunology
  • Electrochemical Energy Reviews
  • Fungal Diversity
  • Intensive Care Medicine
  • Journal of International Business Studies.
  • Leukemia, Exposure and Health
  • Molecular Psychiatry
  • The Astronomy and Astrophysics Review


  • Allows Macquarie authors to publish open access into approximately 1400 Wiley journals 

  • Negates the standard Article Processing Charge (APC) for these journals.

  • Gives researchers access to all hybrid and subscription journals.

  • The number of articles for Open Access publishing under this agreement is subject to an annual cap.

  • From 2023 the Wiley Read and Publish Agreement will include all Wiley Gold Titles and all Hindawi Titles, for publishing, free of any APC charges to authors.

  • Some titles are flipping to this model this year: please see the list of Wiley Hybrid titles that are flipping to Wiley Gold and Hindawi.

  • Wiley Gold: Authors who have articles accepted after the flip date will be able to publish OA without any APC charge. 

  • Hindawi: Authors who have submitted an article for publishing before the flip date, but it is accepted between the flip date and before December 31, 2022, will be able to publish OA without any APC charge. Authors who submit an article after the flip date, but it is accepted before December 31, 2022 will have to pay an APC. Authors are being notified when they submit that they will incur an APC if the article is accepted.

  • ANZ Journal of Surgery
  • Applied Research
  • Medical Journal of Australia
  • New Phytologist
  • Reviews of Geophysics