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Using AI-powered Tools for Literature Reviews

About this guide

This Guide will help you find, select, evaluate and use AI-powered tools to assist the literature review workflow. 

Use the navigation tabs on the left to identify and develop your understanding of:

  • Popular AI-powered tools used for literature review and how they work
  • Comparison of the functionalities of these tools
  • Things to be aware of when using these tools
  • Related resources that are helpful for literature review

The tools listed are in common use in the research community and the advice in this guide is general in nature. "All researchers, research students, and research staff are expected to transparently document and report their research methodology, data, and findings as outlined in the Macquarie University Research Code. This includes reporting the use of Generative AI technology or tools in the research", to ensure that researchers' use of these tools complies with Macquarie University guidelines, refer to Macquarie University’s guidance on the responsible use of Generative AI in research and Using Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools at MQ.