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Professional and Technical Skill Building

About ClickView

  • ClickView provides access to thousands of videos for higher and further education. 
  • Titles from Australian free-to-air and commercial channels from this resource that are required for teaching and learning should be made accessible via an embedded link in iLearn only.
  • Titles within this resource have been communicated under the Statutory Licence pursuant to s113P(2) of the Copyright Act 1968 for the educational purposes of the University. Use is for teaching and learning purposes only.


Uses for ClickView

On the homepage, go to the  ''Libraries" link at the top to explore areas of interest, or use the search bar at the top right.

Teaching staff can:

  • Create clips of a video for embedding in iLearn
  • Save a title for later viewing and editing
  • Visit the App Store to download and install the app onto iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches with iOS v12+, Macs with macOS 11.0 and M1 chips or later, and Apple TV with tvOS 9.1 or later or  Visit Google Play to download and install the app onto tablets and smartphones with Android 7 or later.
  •  Direct access to ClickView is restricted to academic and library staff.

We also encourage teaching staff to take advantage of over 2700 educational videos in the Tertiary Library collection including:

  • foundation skills
  • business
  • finance
  • health & science
  • video & media production

Develop information literacy with the following collections:

  • The Digital Literacy Series: Fake News

Use the 'Dashboard' to search titles held by ClickView

To save a title for later viewing and editing

  • Select the required video
  • Select the '+ Add to playlist' button directly beneath the video player
  • Select the 'Playlists' tab in the menu bar
  • NB. You may need to request a desired video if it has not already been added to Macquarie's list of available titles 

You can also create a clip of a video for embedding in iLearn. To do so:

  • Choose a title in your Playlist
  • Select the 'Options' button to the right of the relevant video 
  • Select 'Create a clip' from the drop-down menu
  • Enter a title for the clip and a relevant description
  • Enter the desired start and end points
  • Select the 'Create a clip' button
  • The new clip will automatically be saved in the 'Clips' folder under the 'Workspace' tab for you to share with your students. See the following tab for further instructions

To embed a clip within iLearn:

  • Go to your Playlist on ClickView and choose a title
  • Use the 'Share' button in the top right-hand corner
  • Copy the embed code
  • Log into iLearn, turn on editing and navigate to the required section. Select 'Add an Activity' or 'Resource' (e.g., 'Page')
  • Select the 'Toolbar Toggle' Toolbar toggle icon > Select the 'Edit HTML source' button Edit HTML source icon 
  • Paste in your code (copied from the embed function) and click 'Update'
  • Click on 'Save and return to Unit'

Students can: 

  • Access  specific educational content in ClickView via iLearn depending on their chosen courses
  • Talk to Macquarie course coordinators about Clickview or contact the Library
  • Note that direct access to ClickView is restricted to academic and library staff