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Video Streaming

Why use video streaming?

You might be interested in streaming video because:

  • access is usually 24 hour 7 days a week

  • portability - usually accessible using a desktop PC and/or mobile devices

  • flexible delivery e.g. the ability to link to a video directly from iLearn

  • features like hyperlinking and the inclusion of multimedia 

  • ideal for large classes - no need to share DVD copy/copies

  • ideal for distance students - no need to access DVD copy/copies

What might you find?

Our streaming video content covers a broad spectrum of areas.

You can expect fiction and documentary titles from all genres.

This can range from theatre, dance, modern and ancient history, biography, modern art,  the environment, bioethics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, counseling and psychotherapy transcripts and much more. Subjects include race and gender studies, human rights, globalization, multiculturalism, political science, current events and more.

Our fiction titles include award winning films, art house titles as well as Hollywood releases, Australian stories, anime and classics.