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Mapping and Images

Site reports are an important source of archaeological evidence. They may provide information about the location and size of a site, its chronological placement, the extent of the excavation, architecture, floor plans, artifacts, drawings and photographs.

Site reports may be published in monographs (i.e. books), as chapters in books, or as articles in journals, the following search tips will help you find site reports in MultiSearch.

Keyword Search - 
  • Some archaeological sites have very unique names and a simple keyword search or phrase search will find relevant information.

Example: Tel Azekah or "Tel  Azekah" (Tip - enclose the words in double quotations "" to search as an exact phrase)

  • Use the name of the country, city, region, people, type of site or name of site with the following keywords
    • excavations - archaeology
    • antiquities
    • archaeology
Subject Search -

The name of an archaeological site is usually a subject heading. Select the 'In Subject' option or Subject option in Advanced Search and enter the site name.

Example: search for Halif


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