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Best Practices and Standards (NEW VERSION)

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Before publishing your guide or submitting for review, please review the following checklist and ensure that the criteria has been met.


This guide has been checked for:

All boxes, pages and guide titles follow proper naming convention
  Correct guide type and subject have been added
  Every page has a Friendly URL
Guide has been viewed on multiple devices to check responsiveness
Pages, boxes, and assets have been reused where possible 
Assets are added under the correct content type rather than being copied into Rich Text Format
  All images have alt-text descriptions
  Text is Arial, 12 pt
  Headings format has been used when appropriate
Text that was copied and pasted into the guide has been cleared of nonstandard styling
Lists of links are kept short
Resources are ordered by relevance
  Boxes are ordered and placed based on responsive design principles
Tables have the correct Headers selected
All external web links are set to open in a new page
All text boxes have been proofread for spelling & grammar\
A 'Contact us' page has been added
The 'Previous' and 'Next' links have been enabled
  Tabbed boxes have appropriate headings 

Add the guide and tags and description to the 'Master Copy _ LibGuide_Resource Recommender' avalible at Dropbox (MQ Library)\Shared Working Tools\LibGuides (Linked below).

Email when you have updated the spreadsheet.