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Finding international environment cases

Q. Find international cases relating to endangered species and land clearing

Select Court decisions > in the search box type endangered clearing > select Go & view results.

Tip: If a case isn't available in full-text, use MultiSearch to find a copy. Remember to search for the Law Report Title, not the Case Name

For U.S. content select Practice Areas > Energy & Environment and on the following page select Case Law. In the search box type "endangered species" /p clearing > select Search and view results.

This database contains subject lists for US material.

Select the Environment tab at the top of the page > then select a collection to search within > eg Federal & State Environmental Cases > in the search box type endangered species w/p clearing > select Search & view results.

For other jurisdictions:

Select Find laws by country or region Foreign laws & legal sources > choose a jurisdiction, eg Canada >Caselaw > then select a collection to search within > eg Canadian cases

Tip: For more help finding case law in Westlaw International and Lexis Advance use the International Law Research and Study Guide.

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