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Finding Australian environmental legislation

LawOne is published by TimeBase & provides subject listings of Australian legislation.

Select LawOne > Acts and Regulations by Subject Area > then select a subject area to browse, Eg Environment and Planning > Forestry

Lawlex provides subject listings of Australian legislation.

Select Browse Legislation > use the tick-boxes to select one or multiple jurisdictions > then select a subject area to browse, eg Environment Pests and Diseases

Note: Macquarie University Library does not subscribe to the premium features of Lawlex. Use the Fundamentals of Legal Research page to find full-text copies of legislation identified using Lawlex.

Australian Government Departments

Use the links below to access lists of legislation administered by government environment departments, as well as regulations/rules/by-laws/policies etc administered by Environment Protection Authorities in each State.

Australian Government Departments

Australia's Legal System

In Australia, there are two parts to the legal system:

  • Legislation - made by Parliament
  • Common Law (also known as Case Law or Judge-made law):
    • where a judge will interpret the legislation if it is unclear; or
    • if there is no legislation, make a decision based on prior cases (known as precedents).

Check out the material below to broaden your outlook on Australia's legal system.

Finding international environment legislation

Q. Find legislation relating to emissions trading schemes in North and South America

Go to 'Advanced search'. Select Legislation from 'Databases' > select the List button next to the Geographical Area field to browse a list of areas > tick the box next to AMERICAS > click Select to return to the search form > next to the Words from record and full-text search box change the drop-down menu from 'All Words' to 'Any Word'

In the Words from record and full-text search box type "emissions trading" > select Go & view results.

Note: Not all legislation available via ECOLEX is in English.

For U.S. content select Practice Areas > Energy & Environment and on the following page select Statutes & Court Rules or Regulations.

Select the Environment tab at the top of the page > eg Federal Statutes & Legislative Materials.

Select Legislation and on the following page in the Statutory Definition search box type Environment > and from the predictive text results select the relevant topic heading and select Search.

Tip: For more help finding international legislation use the International Law Research and Study Guide.

Other international legislation sources