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Keeping Current Alerts

Keep up to date with research in your field by setting up a database search alert.

Many databases offer email alerts for newly published journal articles, book chapters, and conference papers. 

Two main types of journal alerts are:

  • TOC (Table of Contents) service sends you an alert with the TOC when a new issue is published.
  • Search alerts allow you to save your search terms and sends an alert when any new article matches your terms. 

You usually need to create an account  for the database or website where you access the journal to create the alert. Most library databases provide alert services. Check database help pages for more information.

Most publishers and book sellers provide notification and recommendation services for their products and you can sign up for alerts.

The library also provides alerts for new books that have been added to the collection, which is available by RSS feed.

These sites provide information about upcoming conferences and events.

Also check relevant professional association websites for upcoming events, as these organisations often run conferences and workshops.

Keeping Current Tutorials