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Company, Industry & Country Information

Profiles and analysis

Australian companies

DatAnalysis Premium is a premier research tool, providing comprehensive data on all companies listed on ASX, as well as those delisted since 1989. Select 'Company Reports' in the navigation bar and then search for a company by name or ASX code.

IBISWorld is Australia's largest provider of industry-based research. IBISworld includes profiles on the 2000 largest Australian companies, organisations and government businesses

Australian and overseas companies

D&B Hoovers is a sales, marketing and company research database that includes current information on thousands of companies in Asia and the Pacific and worldwide. Search for a company and then select 'SWOT' or 'Analysts' Reports' from the menu on the left.

MarketLine Advantage is an online database containing profiles of major companies and industries worldwide. Search for a company and select 'SWOT Analysis' from the 'Table Of Contents'.

Factiva’s global news database contains more than 32,000 premium sources, including licensed publications, influential websites, blogs, images and videos. Select 'Companies/Markets' in the navigation bar and search for a company.
A guide to using this resource can be found here:

Euromonitor International’s Passport is an integrated provides access to business intelligence on industries, economies and consumers. Select 'Companies' in the navigation bar and search for a company.