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Company, Industry & Country Information

Doing industry research

1. Search the industry databases on this page.

2. Search for newspaper, journal and trade publication articles about the company.

3. Look for industry associations for the industry as they usually have useful reports, data and analysis

4. Try looking at some of the web resources listed on this page such as government industry websites, consultancy firms etc. 

5.  You will also be able to find detailed industry analysis  and case studies in the academic journal databases e.g. Business Source Premier, Emerald Management, Science Direct or Sage Journals.

It is important to realise that the more specialised an industry the harder it will be to get information on it. 

Industry Research Databases

The following Databases are subscribed to by Macquarie University Library and contain  industry analysis, commentary, data, overviews or data on  Australian or global industries. All of these databases have a link to help/guide pages to help you make the most of them.

Industry Classification Codes

Industry classification systems are used by government and business for classifying industries by numerical code.

Many databases listed on this page allow searching by industry codes to create lists of companies by industry. Many use their own industry classification system as well as the ones listed below.

Use the links below to find the codes for industries you are researching

Other useful sources

Government Websites
Government websites which provide links to statistics and commentary for businesses:
Consultancy Firms
Consultancy firms conduct and publish industry research. You will locate market research reports at these company websites. You can access global industry information by switching between the national sites for each firm:
Market Research Companies
Market research companies provide up to date market insights: