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Bibliographic Referencing Software

Bibliographic Software Drop in Session Timetable

Got an unwieldy thesis or article to submit? Want to get the most out of your chosen reference tool?

Whether it's EndNote or Mendeley there are many features to assist with your referencing and hence help manage your time;

  • Import citations directly from databases
  • Format and configure styles to suit your needs
  • Sync and share libraries
  • Find full text

Our expert Librarians will be on hand to answer your questions every Tuesday and Thursday from the 10th of March to the 30th of April 2020 at Library Level 2 near the Information Desk. No booking required.

Timetable Tuesday       Thursday      
Week 3 10-Mar 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm 12-Mar 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm
Week 4 17-Mar 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm 19-Mar 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm
Week 5 24-Mar 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm 26-Mar 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm
Week 6 31-Mar 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm 2-Apr 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm
Week 7 7-Apr 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm 9-Apr 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm
Week 8 28-Apr 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm 30-Apr 10-11 am 2-3 pm 4-5 pm
POLL: What bibliographic software do you use?
EndNote: 262 votes (49.9%)
Mendeley: 39 votes (7.43%)
I do it manually: 176 votes (33.52%)
Other: 48 votes (9.14%)
Total Votes: 525

Citation styles

The Referencing guide provides examples of different citation styles.

How to use this guide

Most bibliographic software allows you to:

  • Create bibliographic records for your citations, either by manual entry or electronically, mainly from databases and library catalogues.
  • Manage this data by allowing the addition of personal notes, attachments and sorting of records.
  • Link to word processing documents to insert in-text or footnote citations and construct bibliographies.
  • Access a range of citation styles.
  • Access a range of format types (book, journal article, book chapter).

Macquarie University has a licence for two bibliographic management software packages:

  •  EndNote

  • Mendeley logo Mendeley

This guide provides information about these applications and other free software that has similar functionality.

Look at the information given for each of the software products and particularly note any information under Issues and Technical information that may pertain to your situation. Check information under the software description and then look at the support guides for specific products before deciding on the software you wish to use.