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Bibliographic Referencing Software

An overview on using Bibliographic Referencing Software

Mendeley issues update

Mendeley Desktop and the new Mendeley Reference Manager both have technical issues which are affecting Macquarie users. Mendeley Desktop software has been unavailable for download since September 2022. 

We recommend that new users make use of our institutional licence and use EndNote instead. 

Current Mendeley users may continue using Mendeley, and Macquarie University Library will continue to provide support to these users. 

If you have further questions about this or bibliographic referencing software more generally please contact your Faculty Librarian.

Last updated 20 Feb 2023

What is Mendeley Reference Manager?

Mendeley Reference Manager is a free web and desktop reference management application. It is a reference citation tool with online academic social network capabilities. 

With the Mendeley Reference Manager you can:

  • Store and organise research literature,

  • Insert references and bibliographies when writing using Mendeley Cite,

  • Sync Mendeley library between multiple devices,

  • Read, highlight and annotate PDF's attached to Mendeley Library,

  • Collaborate online with other scholars in their disciplines through Groups.

Download Mendeley

Mendeley Reference Manager is available as both a desktop and online app:

Mendeley and Macquarie

Macquarie University Library has an institutional license for Mendeley - Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE) 

It is recommended that you first set up an account using your MQ email via this link:

You will

- be automatically added to the Macquarie University Mendeley Group

- get 100 GB of personal space in Mendeley 

- get 100 GB of shared library 

- can create an unlimited number of private, shared groups with up to 100 members.

Mendeley and LaTex

Mendeley Help

Citation styles