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Professional and Technical Skill Building

Why use instructional resources?

Macquarie University staff and students have access to a wide range of quality online self paced courses, videos, ebooks and training tools, providing an opportunity to learn new skills, refresh professional competencies, and build digital and technical capabilities. 

A small sample of this spectrum is: 

  • Business support, excel, data systems, data visualisation, network security, governance. effective communication 

  • Professional and interpersonal skills including communication, working in teams public speaking, customer service, growth mindset, English language 

  • Technical skills including audio engineering, filmmaking, image editing, design process 

  • Filmmaking, design, communication, marketing, career development 

  • AI information including machine learning, software development, coding 

  • Technical and laboratory techniques 


Uses for instructional video

Teaching staff can:

  • support further learning in their units
  • supplement learning gaps 
  • offer flexible delivery e.g. the ability to link to a video directly from iLearn
  • assist large classes and distance students - no need to share DVD copy/copies

Learners can: 

  • fortify and tailor their learning to meet their own personal needs  
  • strengthen employability skills to complement the curriculum 
  • access material 24 hour 7 days a week 
  • find it useful for visual learning 
  • utilise the portability - usually accessible using a desktop PC and/or mobile devices 


Further help

Our Video Streaming guide details our sources for documentaries, feature films, television and more. 

Video Streaming guide