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Professional and Technical Skill Building

About Udemy Business

Udemy business

Udemy business is a self-paced learning platform with a curated collection of high-quality short courses sourced from Udemy Marketplace. Through Macquarie University Library’s subscription MQ staff and students have access to over 24,000 Udemy Business highly rated courses  

The foundation of each Udemy Business course is: 

  • It includes the highest rated lectures, which can include videos, slides, and text.

  • Each Udemy Business course is created, owned, and managed by the instructor(s).

  • Content is added monthly.

  • Instructors can add resources and various types of practice activities, as a way to enhance the learning experience of students. 

Common questions & FAQs for staff

Use the tabs to the right to find an answer to your question.

There are also links in the 'further help' box in the top right of this page.

If you can't resolve the issue please reach out to Library staff.

How do I embed content into iLearn?

To add Udemy Business content to your iLearn unit, simply copy and paste the links to relevant training. 

However, if you only add the link, Udemy Business will require students to take the additional step of enrolling in the content. See below for a simple fix.

Auto-enrol instructions:

For Course URLs: Simply add /enroll to the end of the URL.

Example: becomes

For Lecture (video) URLs: Modify the URL to include /enroll after the Course detail

Example: becomes
How can I quickly search for Udemy Business content?

There are two ways to search for courses. 

  • After you login, you can click on Explore at the top left of the page and select a course topic from the dropdown menu. 
  • Or, you can perform a keyword search in the search bar at the top of the screen.

Find further instructions here

How do I create a Learning Pathway?
  • Combine all types of resources in a learning path:
  • Udemy Business courses, external links (i.e. podcasts or industry articles), internal links (i.e. internal Wikis or shared documents), and even portions of courses to create a holistic learning experience.

Follow the instructions here:

  • You can also extract specific sections from within a UB course into a course.Learning Pathway.

Follow the instructions here

Should the pathway be public or private? 
  • Learning paths can be private to you or public to everyone in your organization.
  • If you want only one or a few people to view this path, you can keep it private and assign it to specific users and groups. The public or private option appears beside the learning path’s Overview.
  • If you wish to change the path’s public or private setting after it’s been created,  click Edit on the path’s home page, and then make the applicable selection.
How can I find alternatives for a suite of resources I’m currently using?
  • You can access Udemy Business recommended courses by creating a path, clicking Add content, and clicking Recommended courses
  • You will be prompted to select the skills you’d like to provide in your learning path.

More information on this here

How do I request content from Udemy marketplace?
  • If you would like to suggest a new course be added to the Udemy Business collection from Udemy marketplace, you can do so using the form below. 
  • Note that this form submits suggestions for courses to be added to the general Udemy Business collection, which is available to all Udemy Business users, not just users at MQ.
  • After you submit your recommendation, their content team will assess your suggestion based on a number of criteria, such as course ratings, user engagement and demand from all of our customers. The Content Team will notify you of our decision whether to approve, or deny your suggestion, within 3 - 5 weeks. 

Submit a course suggestion here.

How can I find out more about new Udemy Business content?
  • UB will notify you of newly added courses in their monthly product and content newsletter
  • Newly added courses can also be viewed on this list.
What if I can't find the content I'm looking for? 
  • Map out what you would like, and what the learning outcome would be. Detail the subject area. 
  • Contact your Faculty Librarian and they will ask Udemy to make suggestions to fit your needs. 

Uses for Udemy

  • Computing and technology (including Microsoft 365 and Adobe Premiere Pro products) 
  • IT Operations 
  • Human resources 
  • Project management 
  • Leadership 
  • Professional and personal development 
  • Marketing 
  • Design 
  • Statistics 
  • Software 
  • Music and sound technologies 
  • Develop learning pathways for your students. 
  • Combine courses from different skill sets to curate your own outcomes for students. 
  • Upskill in areas which need improving.
  • Udemy offers soft skills as well as hard ones.
  • Add courses to your learning pathways, and save for later or start straightaway.
  • Deciding if you would like certification (not available for all courses)
  • Strengthen self identified weaknesses by undertaking these online learning opportunities