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Research Impact Metrics

Measures of Esteem

There are other indicators of research quality or academic esteem.   Measures of esteem may provide additional evidence of research quality and/or research capacity, to sit alongside traditional metrics. They may be relevant for competitive grant applications and academic promotions.

It is suggested that researchers keep a record of these measures listing:  activity, date, and relevance to your research. Also, Pure can be used to keep a record of esteem measures and as such be used to enhance a researcher's public profile.

Such measures include:

  • Awards and Prizes
  • Conference presentations, keynotes, and publications
  • Editorial or reviewer role for a significant journal or reference work
  • Holdings of edited, authored or contributed to books in libraries.  Possible source: WorldCat
  • International engagement and collaboration
  • Partnerships with other institutions, research groups, or industry.
  • Previous successful grant applications and completed research projects.
  • Research Commercialisation Income
  • Research Fellowships
  • Membership of professional or academic organisations
  • Influence on government or public policy
  • Industrial advisory roles
  • Research fellowships
  • Patents or other commercial output
  • Successfully completed research grants or projects