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Research Impact Metrics

Why use book & chapter citation metrics?

In a number of disciplines, especially Social Sciences and the Arts & Humanities, books and book chapters are significant forms of research output.

These disciplines are not always well served by traditional tools of citation analysis such as Web of Science and Scopus that primarily focus on journal literature. Use the tools on this page to:

  • demonstrate the scholarly impact of your books and book chapters by citation metrics 

Other indicators of the reception of a book or book chapter may include:

  • use as a university textbook
  • listed on 'bestseller' lists
  • awards and honours received
  • number of copies sold, editions and translations into other languages  

Tools that track book & chapter citations

Finding reviews of books online

Book reviews in academic journals can provide an indication of the reception of your research by the scholarly community. 

Reviews from popular sources, such as newspapers, may provide an indication of the impact of your research on the wider community.

Book reviews are available in some databases. Many allow you to select Review as the format type, and limit by publication date.

Choosing a publisher

30 ways academic book publishers add value to the process of research communication

Thoughtful list of considerations when choosing a book publisher from Francine O'Sullivan via the LSE Impact Blog.

How many libraries hold my books?

Use Library catalogues to determine how widely your book is held in Australian and international libraries.

Finding reviews of books in print

Here are some of the key journals for book reviews held in print in the Library.

Click on the link to be taken to the journal record in MultiSearch for details of holdings, location and request forms where applicable.