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Use this guide to navigate library resources, and find information for your assignments and study in Philosophy.

The tabs on the left will guide you particular themes related to your units and study. In each you will find:

  • Call marks to guide you to library books for that specific unit theme
  • A range of possible search terms to use in MultiSearch to find academic journal articles, and more.
  • Websites, or other pertinent links

There is also a tab to help you with Using MultiSearch. MultiSearch is the library search engine - think of it as a 'library google' which searches across all the material the library provides access to. These resources include journal articles, books, maps, photo's, conference papers, newspapers, DVDs, and more.

The "Think, Write, Cite" tab will cover you for tips on how to approach your essay as well as referencing guidelines.

Video: What is philosophy for?

Video courtesy of the "School of Life" on YouTube. 

Library databases

Did you know that the LIbrary subscribes to material which isn't available for free on the internet? Our resources are for academic study and research so make sure you take advantage of them.

Each tab on the left will lead you to different resources. 

Here are a couple to get started: 

Library books