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Key sources in Ethics and Applied Ethics

The philosophy department uses these blogs as a sound guide to the best journals.

Below are some of the Library's best philosophy journals:

Here are a few philosophy themed podcasts, but there are more at this link on FeedSpot.

Ethics & Applied Ethics


Call numbers to find books in the library.

We recommend browsing the shelf in the general area of the your subject interest. A good browse can throw up lots of ideas, as well as lead you into new areas of relevance.

Call number Subject area
BJ ethics
BF501-635 individual ethics, character, virtue
BJ1518 virtue
BL51 religion, rationalism
BC60 logic

Search terms to use in MultiSearch to find journal articles and other material

Here are some suggested terms:

Happiness, philosophy; political philosophy; moral philosophy; normative ethics; beneficence; conduct of life; philosophy of mind; virtue, friendship; moral goodness; human nature.


Some good general terms to mix with specific terms are:

Ideas; theories; debate; criticism and interpretation; discourse


You can  link your specific subject area with the term 'philosophy'. 

An example for searching would be using the terms

"moral goodness" AND debate. 

virtue AND philosophy

Use inverted comma's to link two words together as a phrase. The 'AND' in the middle is capitalized to link the terms.


Cambridge companions

When using the Cambridge Companions:

  1. Choose your section (for instance, Philosophy, religion and culture)
  2. Use the view all button on the right
  3. Tick the box on the left which says: "only show content I have access to"

​(Note that we have thousands of titles, but not everything)