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EndNote 20 for Windows

Inserting citation into Word

Method 1

  1. In Word place your cursor where you want the citation to appear
  2. Click on the Insert Citation icon on the EndNote 20 toolbar
  3. Type a keyword, author or title into the search box (to see all references type the letter 'a')
  4. Highlight the reference you want
  5. Click Insert
  6. The citation will appear in text, and be added to your bibliography (if your style has one).

Method 2

  1. In Word, position your cursor where you want the citations to appear
  2. Click the "Go to EndNote" button on the EndNote 20 toolbar in Word
  3. This will take you to your EndNote library
  4. In your EndNote library select one or more references (by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting them with your mouse).
  5. Click on "Tools" from the main menu, select Cite While You Write [CWYW], then select Insert Selected Citation(s).
  6. The references will appear in alphabetical order in your text and be added to the bibliography if your style has one.

  1.  Place your cursor where you want the footnote number to appear
  2. Go to References > Insert Footnote tab on the Word ribbon (Note - not the EndNote tab.)
  3. A superscript number appears in the text and the cursor drops to the footnote number at the end of the page.
  4.  Insert your citation(s) using Method 1 or Method 2 as Author-date

Before you start

  • Open Word and your EndNote library. 
  • You can switch between the two programs using the taskbar in Word  Alt + 1 or from Word click                               and use Alt +1 again to go back to Word from EndNote.
  • Have your referencing style chosen same in both Word & EndNote eg. APA 7th

Watch: CWYW: Adding Citations (Windows)

This is an EndNote Training production published on 3 November 2020.  It shows how to add citations to a Word document on Windows with EndNote 20.