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Accessing Major Business Publications

About this guide

This guide details how to find and use key business publications.

Accessing Library Journal

The Journal By Title tab, available on the MultiSearch Navigation bar, provides you with access to our full journal holdings.  It can be searched by title, keyword or by ISSN, as well as being browsed manually.

As all these finance publications fall under the category of journals in MultiSearch, therefore we can use "Journal By Title" to find them.

1. Go to the Library Multisearch.

2. Select "Journal By Title" under the search box.

3. Enter the Title eg "Australian Financial Review" in the search box.

4. Click on Search.

5. In the results list, click on the Title or "Online access".

6. Australian Financial Review is available through a database called Factiva. Click on the "Factiva" link in the record to take you to the database.

7. You will be prompted to Login with your OneID

8. You will then be taken to the Factiva platform where you can execute  a search.