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Indigenous Studies

Sources that privilege Indigenous research

Databases are:

  • collections of information, and can include journal and newspaper articles, as well as audio visual, books, reports and conference proceedings
  • often specialised in a specific topic or discipline
  • sometimes cross disciplinary.

Strategies to identify Indigenous authors

It can be difficult to identify whether an author is Indigenous, and it may be useful to look beyond academic publishing. We recommend that you try a combination of these strategies.

Firstly, check the article or book for a positionality statement or self-identifying statements from the author. 

Many researchers have a Google Scholar Profile and use it to self-identify. In the search bar put the prefix "author" and a colon before the name. For example "author: Bronwyn Carlson". 

Try searching the platform for an issue, Nation, or community. Both Twitter and Instagram use hashtags eg. #ChangetheDate.

If you know the author's name try looking up their academic profile using the university's or institution's website. At MQ, search

Indigenous researchers often reference other Indigenous researchers' work. Using the reference list of one source you already have to find works by other cited authors. 

Search Google Scholar using the title of a known work, then follow the "Cited By" link to find other works that have cited your original reference.