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Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies Department Referencing Styles

Units in this department use either the Harvard or APA referencing style. Both of these styles are known as Author-Date styles.

  • Confirm which style is required by checking your iLearn unit page or asking your convenor.
  • Check with your convenor if there is a preferred version of the various Harvard referencing styles.



Using Author-Date styles

  • Both of these Author-Date styles require two elements: an in-text citation and a reference list entry.

  • In-text citation requires author's name, year of publication, and page number if you are directing your reader to a specific detail.

  • Reference list entries are organised alphabetically by the author surname, contain everything required for others to locate the information, and are located at the end of your work starting on a new page.
  • Different types of sources will look different in your reference list. For example, a reference list entry for a book requires four pieces of information (author, date, title, and publisher details). Whereas a journal article requires more (author, date, article title, journal title, volume).

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