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Journal databases

Research databases may be subject specific or cover many different topic areas. The databases below have full text academic journal articles relating to business, finance, economics and management. 

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

What is peer review?

Peer review is a formal process whereby articles are submitted for scrutiny and appraisal by recognised academics or authorities in the appropriate field. 

Why are peer reviewed journal articles important?

Peer reviewed articles are authoritative because they have been assessed prior to publication by specialists or experts within academic and/or industry fields.

How to determine if an article is peer reviewed.

You can check if an article is from a peer reviewed journal using Ulrich's international periodicals directory.  Search for a journal's name to see details about the journal including whether it is peer reviewed/ refereed.

Other sources such as Multisearch/Business source premier allow you to search for peer reviewed journal articles.

You should always use Ulrichs to check a journal's peer reviewed status as it is the most reliable source for this information.


Using Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory

  1. Use the Databases by Title tab in MultiSearch.
  2. Type Ulrich's in the Simple Search box and click Search
  3. Use the links under View Online to access the database.

Refereed items are marked with an icon  which is a representation of a 'referees shirt'.

Australian Business Dean's Council Journal Quality List

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