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Chicago Referencing


  • Start on a new page.
  • Include the title Bibliography at the top of the page.
  • Order you references alphabetically by the family name of the author.
  • For multiple authors, only the first-listed name is inverted in the bibliography, e.g. Smith, Adam and Charles Fishman.
  • The first line of each entry is aligned flush left and all the following lines of that entry are indented.
  • Single line space with a single line between entries.
  • Titles should be headline style. This means you capitalise the first letter of all major words in the title.
  • Change any ampersands & to the word and.
  • Place of publication is the city where the publisher's main office is located. If two places are listed, use the first listed city.
  • To cite two or more works by the same author in your bibliography, arrange entries chronologically from oldest to newest publication.
  • Personal communication is generally only included in the footnotes.
  • AI outputs.
  • Well-known reference works such as major dictionaries and encyclopedias are commonly only cited in footnotes. However it is appropriate to include them in your bibliography if they form a critical part of your research, or if they are frequently cited. Check with your lecturer if you are unsure.



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