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Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows you to create a more specific and targeted search to find more relevant results.

The downward arrow to the right of a word indicates that you can click to reveal menu options. You can build your search using the following advanced search fields and functionality:

Advanced search options


Any field menu  - to select which field you are searching e.g., Title, Author/creator or Subject.

Contains menu - to select whether you are running a keyword search (contains), an exact phrase (is (exact)), or results starting with your search terms (starts with).

Material Type - narrow your search to a particular material type e.g., books, journals or audio visual.

Publication Date - narrow your search by specifying a date range e.g., Last 2 years.

Boolean operators - these can be used between keywords and phrases in each search line, but can also be used between each line of your advanced search. For more information on using search operators go to Focus your search in StudyWISE.

Add a New Line - allows you to add up to 5 additional lines to the search.

Advanced search examples

Finding a particular book -
Example: the search below is for the book Lefkowitz, M. & Fant, M. (2016) Women's life in Greece and Rome
  • Title and Author/creator have been selected as the fields to search
  • Books has been selected as the Material Type

Example of a particular book search using specific fields.


Searching on a topic -
Example: Find recent journal articles about the effects of sustainable tourism activities on alleviating poverty in developing countries.
  • sustainable tourism is searched as an exact phrase
  • Articles has been selected as the Material Type
  • Publication Date has been set to Last 2 years in order to find recent articles

Example of a specific topic search using selected fields.

Boolean searching

You can combine search terms by selecting Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) from the drop-down menu.

Boolean search window that contains drop-down menu options.