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Library services & COVID19

For updates to Library services during COVID-19 please visit the Library website.


Finding a specific book or textbook

If you know the details of the book you are trying to find you can search for it in MultiSearch a number of different ways. For example,  try any of the following:

  • entering the title of the book, and author name e.g.  Transforming healthcare with qualitative research
  • Search the title as a phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks e.g. "Transforming healthcare with qualitative research"
  • Browse by Author or Title
  • Advanced search can be used to search particular fields such as Author and Title (useful if your book as a common or 1 word title)

Once you have run the search, and found the book, you may have a choice between an ebook and a print version.

For ebooks, select Full-text available or Online Access and follow the links to read the book.

For print books, availability and location will be indicated in the Get It section of the record.

Finding a book on a topic

There are a number of ways you can limit your search to Books only. Two of these methods are outlined below 1) using Resource type filter and 2) using a pre-search filter. 

  1. Resource type filter

Start by identifying the keywords (i.e. important words) that describe your topic and enter these into the search box.

In your search results you will often see a large number of records including a mix of journal articles, books and other types of material.

To limit your results to books use the options under Refine My Results on the left of the screen -

Select Books under Resource Type to limit your results to books.

Hint: sometimes you need to click Show Mo​​​​​​​re under Resource Type to see the full range of options

how to narrow down to books

  1. Pre-search filters

Another way to quickly limit your search results to books only is to use the pre-filter options.

Select Books from the All items drop-down menu and then run your search.


Book availability & locations

Available at Macquarie University Library Level 1/ Level 2 indicates the item is available for you to borrow on the open shelves. Check the Call Number to see where in the Library it is located - 

  • Call numbers starting with the letters A to J are on Level 2 (entrance level)
  • Call numbers starting with the letters K to Z are on Level 1

Available at Macquarie University Library Automated Retrieval Collection indicates that you need to request the item from the Automated Retrieval Collection (ARC), our on-site storage system. For more information about placing a request see our Request an Item page.

Check availability generally means that the item is on loan.

Clicking on the Check availability link will take you to information about when the book is due back. If an item is on loan you can Sign in and place a Request for it. For more information see the Request an Item page.


Run your search.

To limit your search results to eBooks, use the options under Refine my results on the left of the screen

Under Availability select Full Text Online.

Under Resource Type select Books.  Hint: sometimes you need to click Show More under Resource Type to see the full range of options.

Then select Apply Filters

Choose full text online in availability and books under resources type


Any eBooks that match your search query will now display in the results.

Find out more about using eBooks in our online guide


Virtual bookshelf

View Bookshelf allows you to browse physical items from the open shelves and ARC and electronic items by call number. It is designed to replicate the experience of browsing the shelves.

Find the virtual bookshelf by opening a record for a book (click on the title to do this), then click View Bookshelf on the left of the screen or scroll down until you see the View Bookshelf section.