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Finding a known journal article


MultiSearch with the words 'Faucault's clay feet' typed into the search bar, with the default of 'books, articles and more"

Enter into MultiSearch:

  • the title of the article OR 
  • part of the title OR
  • the author surname and part of the title OR
  • the DOI

Choose the database you'd like to use from the list at the bottom of the record. Image of a record with arrow pointing to databases

Finding journal articles on a topic


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If you are doing multiple searches, and would like to keep the filters you have selected, click on the padlock icon to keep the filter/s for subsequent searches.


click on the padlock to lock filters


Find out more ... Peer review

Peer review refers to:

  • articles which have been scrutinised by recognised authorities in the field
  • articles may be rejected for publication, or asked to revise

Peer review is important because: 

  • It is a guarantee of quality academic material

How do you choose peer reviewed material?

  • By checking the 'peer review' box in the filter pane on the left