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Finding a Journal by Title

You can search for a journal by title by choosing ‘Journal by title’ from underneath the search bar or, while in MultiSearch, from the top navigation bar. Then enter your title, or ISSN, in the search box.  If you have used the full title in your search and it does not turn up a result, it is recommended to try searching with just the most important keywords from the title. 

You can restrict your search to search only the journal titles in our holdings by using pre-filters. First select 'New Search'. Then, below the search bar, change the material type to Journals and the field to in the title. You can either enter keywords or use the pre-filters again to change the search type to with my exact phrase.

It is fairly common for journals to undergo name changes as publishers or editors change. Your search may bring up other journals that are seemingly unrelated. The record that matches should contain information about previous or subsequent titles.

Finding a Journal on a Subject

You can use the ‘Journal by title’ option in the top navigation bar to browse for journals by subject category.  You can expand and/or select the categories and sub-categories in the left-hand column, and the relevant journal titles will display in the results list of journals in those subject areas.

You can also search for journals by their subject. This can be done by using the pre-filters below the search bar to change 'All items' to Journals and the 'anywhere in record' field to in subject. You can either enter keywords or use the pre-filters again to change the search type to with my exact phrase.

Journal Availability & Locations

Access to journals will differ depending on what type of subscription there is and how long there has been a subscription. The brief details on the search results list will let you know if there is online access or physical holdings.

The detailed results will usually include:

  • For online subscriptions: 
    • date coverage information (including any embargo period maintained by the publisher)
    • a link for access to the journal

  • For print subscriptions:
    • The physical location of the journal (ARC items must be requested)
    • A list of the held volumes starting with the most recent