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Leganto Reading Lists for Convenors

Associate To Unit

Once your list is created, you will be prompted to associate the list to a unit code. Follow these steps to complete this task;


1) When you have created a list and chosen a template, you will be prompted to associate your list to a unit. Click on Associate List;

2) A dialogue box will appear and a list of unit codes should appear in the drop-down menu. You should select the instance that matches when this unit is being taught, e.g. AHIS100 in Session 2, 2019 will be AHIS100_SHFYR_2019;

Manage unit association


3) Once selected click Associate & Close;

Associate and close


4) If you cannot see the correct instance this will mean that the data provided to the Library has not identified you as the convenor for this unit so it will not show you the unit to select. Please contact to have this rectified. 

You can always associate this list at a later date by clicking the ellipsis at the top right of the reading list, and selecting the Manage unit association;

Manage unit association