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Leganto Reading Lists for Convenors

Importing Citations into Leganto from EndNote

You can import citations from your EndNote library into your My Collection.

1) In EndNote Desktop, select the citations you would like to add to Leganto and click on File -> Export

2) Give the file a name, remembering to manually add the extension .ris, and choose a location to save it to;

exporting from EndNote


3) The Save as type option can stay as a Text File, but you will need to change the Output style to RefMan (RIS) Export. Using the drop down menu, click on Select Another Style;

Select another style


4) Scroll through the alphabetical list of styles until you reach RefMan (RIS) Export. Click on it to highlight it, and then click on Choose;

Choosing RefMan output style


5) To finalise the export, click on Save;

Saving the export


6) To import the citations into Leganto, you need to first log in and click on the My Collection tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the ellipsis at the top of the screen and select Import;

Importing references


7) You can either drag your exported file on the blue rectangle, or browse for the file in the usual way. Once you have selected the file, click CONFIRM and your citations will be added to your My Collection;

Confirming import


8) Once the citations are in your My Collection, you can then move the citations to a reading list using the instructions in the box Adding Citations from 'My Collection'.

Importing Citations into EndNote from Leganto

You can also export references from Leganto to EndNote. There are 3 ways you can do this;

1) Export the whole list;

Exporting to EndNote


2) Export a section of the list;

Exporting sections


3) Export from your My Collection (first select the citations you would like to export by checking the relevant boxes);

Export from My Collection


Once you have clicked on To EndNote, an RIS file will automatically download.

Open your EndNote desktop library, double click on the downloaded RIS file, and it will import all the references you have selected in Leganto into your EndNote library.