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Leganto Reading Lists for Convenors

iLearn 'Unit Readings - Leganto' Block


You can add the link to your reading list by adding the Unit Readings - Leganto block to your iLearn page.

To do so, follow these steps:

1) In your iLearn unit, click the Actions menu in the top right hand corner, and click the Turn editing on button;

Turn editing on

2) Click the Actions menu again and scroll to the bottom of the list. Click on More... to open the Unit administration page;


3) In the Add a block section on the right, choose Unit Readings – Leganto from the drop-down menu;

Add a block

N.B. If you don't see 'Add a block' at the bottom of the Navigation menu it will be on the right hand side of your unit at the bottom of all existing blocks.

4) The Leganto block will now appear on the right hand side of your unit. You can drag the block higher on the page using the four arrow symbol;

5) Click the Actions menu and click the Turn editing off button;

Turn editing off


Your Leganto reading list will show to students once both your reading list and your iLearn page are published.

Direct Links to Leganto Sections

If you wish to link your weekly sections in iLearn to the corresponding sections in Leganto you can use the Permalinks functionality. In Leganto, on the section, go to the ellipsis and select the Permalink option. Copy the link that is generated and insert it on your iLearn page. To link to individual readings use the ellipsis at the reading level. See this link for more information.

Please be aware that these permalinks will need to be updated each new instance of the unit as the reading lists will be duplicated and will not retain the same links.

***Permalinks do not have the ability to tell Leganto that the student is enrolled in this unit so students who access their readings without having clicked on the block Leganto link at least once in the past will not be able to see the reading list.***

Existing Unit Readings Information in iLearn

Any PDFs or links to websites you previously made available in your iLearn unit must now be stored in Leganto.

If you have a link to MultiSearch in your iLearn unit that is configured to search for the unit code, please be aware that this search will no longer show results for every unit reading. The search for your unit code in MultiSearch will now only show results for the items the Library owns such as ebooks and physical books. Leganto contains the full reading list and should be where students are sent to access the unit readings. 

If your iLearn unit contains links directly to iShare resources these will no longer work. As Leganto is now the system where unit readings are stored the iShare records will no longer be active for your unit.