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Leganto Reading Lists for Convenors

Tagging Citations

Tags can be used to add uniform notes to citations, e.g. Required. Tags are set at the institution level and are managed by the Library.

Tags that will be visible to all users are shown with a mortarboard symbol Mortarboard

Tags that are only visible to convenors and librarians are shown with a book symbol institution


Step 1 - To add a tag, go to a citation and click 'Add tags to item'; 

Add tags to item


Step 2 - Choose one or more from these predefined tags, and click 'Save' ;

Adding tags


Please note;

Digitise Need the chapter/article available online but can either only locate a print version of the book/journal or can’t locate any holdings in the library? Add this to any article or chapter where you cannot locate full-text access online - i.e. you can attach this to the record for the physical book and change the details to reflect the specific pages/chapter required, and we will upload a digital version (copyright restrictions may apply).

Add to Reserve Collection Unless we can provide access to an ebook, we will ensure one physical copy is added to the reserve collection. If it is a compulsory textbook for the unit, please add the ‘required’ tag and we will use enrolment numbers to determine the need to additional copies to be placed in the Reserve collection.

Purchase - A required or recommended book that you could not locate in the library collection. Add to any resource where you cannot locate via Search (I.e. the library does not hold a copy).


  • Books - If it is a prescribed textbook (i.e. expectation that students will purchase a copy)
  • Article/Chapter - To assist students prioritise readings, and if unsure of copyright limits, to ensure staff prioritise the ‘required’ portion first.

Add to readings that are compulsory, and add to books that are prescribed for the unit (I.e. textbooks to be purchased by students). The library will ensure that we make a limited number of copies available to suit enrollment numbers.


  • Books – We will ensure access to a copy
  • Articles and chapters – To assist students prioritise readings, (not to be on libguide, but mention to RLs another reason is if unsure of copyright limits, to ensure staff prioritise the ‘required’ portion first).

Add to readings that are not compulsory, and add to books that are recommended reading, but students are not required to purchase a copy. The library will ensure that we make a copy available.

Deleting Citations

To delete a citation, click on the ellipsis on the top right-hand corner of the citation. Select 'Delete item' from the drop-down menu;

Deleting a citation

A message will appear asking you to confirm you wish to delete the item. Select OK