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Leganto Reading Lists for Convenors

Adding Sections

Reading lists are divided into sections to help students navigate through the resources. You can choose to name your sections in a way that makes sense to you, i.e., by week, by topic, or by reading type (e.g. required, recommended, etc.)

Step 1 - Open your reading list and click on the New Section button;

Adding a new section

Step 2 - Give your section a title and click Create;

Naming new section

Reordering Sections

You can change the order of the sections at any point. Simply hover over the section, select the blue part on the right-hand side and then drag and drop the section to the correct position.

Reordering sections

Adding Dates

When you create a section, you can select the dates relevant to this section and they will display at the top of the section.

To hide a section from the students, tick the 'Section visible only during these dates' box and the section will only display during the selected dates.

Please note: Leganto does not use AEST and so sections may not become visible at the time you intend them to. 

Linking to a Section on the Reading List

To create a permalink to a section on your reading list, click on the ellipsis on the right-hand corner of the section and select Permalink from the drop-down menu;

Creating a permalink

Copy the generated link (you may need to select and copy/paste the link if your PC does not support Flash);

Creating a permalink

You can then use this link in iLearn. The link will prompt the user to log in with their MQ credentials before they can access the reading list.

Permalinks can also be created at citation or list level. Find the Permalink option under the citation or list’s ellipsis.