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Leganto Reading Lists for Convenors

Adding Reading List Collaborators

It can be useful to add other people to your list to act as collaborators. These could be Library staff, unit co-conveners, or tutors. You can manage their rights to give them full control of the list, or minimal editing capabilities.

Please note;

'Manage' rights gives collaborators full control to add, edit, remove and change resources and sections, delete the entire list, and add and remove collaborators to the list.

'Edit' rights allows collaborators to add, edit, remove and change resources and sections only.


Step 1 - Open your reading list  and click on 'Manage collaborators' in the right hand panel;

Manage collaborators panel

Step 2 - Search for your colleague by typing their name into the box 'Invite new collaborators'. Once you have found them, click 'Send Invitation' and their name will appear in the list of collaborators;

Searching for colleagues

Step 3 - Use the drop-down menu next to your collaborator's name to assign their rights;

Managing collaborator's rights

You can change this back at any time by clicking on their existing rights, or you can remove them as a collaborator by clicking the X